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You've completed your training and  received your Color Consulting certification...

but now what?




It's time to grow your business...
but there's so much to do and it's hard to know where to begin.

You've probably scoured the internet, to see what other Color Consultants are doing, but you don't really know what's going on behind the scenes.

You wish you could ask for advice--how they got where they are--but they're either too busy or they see you as competition.

You've researched dozens of online marketing workshops, but you don't know which one is right for you and whether any of them will even work for Color Consulting.   

What if you had an award-winning Color Consultant whispering in your ear during those early and sometimes painful stages of starting your own business?



What if....

...you had access to the wisdom behind more than a decade of growing a successful Color Consulting business? 
...you had a curated list of resources for small business organizing and marketing?

...you had a mentor who isn't afraid to share their mistakes and what they learned from them? 

...you had someone to call when the you-know-what hits the fan? (Believe me, it will!)


What if you didn't have to do this alone?


I know what you're thinking.

Why would I tell you everything I know?

PodCamp 8_139-001.jpg

Because I believe in the power of color.

I know color can transform spaces and even transform lives. I want to see this industry grow and I can't do it alone. 

Over a decade ago, when I started my business, very few people knew what Architectural Color Consulting was. Now, with more people than ever learning about color, awareness of the profession has grown and so has demand.

Every time a new Color Consultant enters the market and works to get the word out about what we do, we all benefit.

Every time one of our clients has an amazing experience with a skilled color professional, our reputation as a whole just gets better and better.  

<woo woo alert>
I believe in abundance...that there is enough work for all of us. I know that my style will be different from yours. Your best clients probably won't be my best clients. When we support each other, we can all grow and succeed.  
<end woo>    

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